My Must-Have Summer Outfits

It’s summer time, which means our go-to outfits change – no more are we wearing over-sized jumpers and fleeced tracky bottoms; the time has come to embrace the heat and wear those shorts and that dress that we have longed to show off for months. These are my must-have summer pieces:      (I suggest enlarging the images for a clearer look)

High waisted shorts – the extended waist increases the length of your natural leg by making it appear like it ends at your waist rather than your hip. Simply tuck in a baggy or cropped top to show off your outfit choice.

Bodysuit – even though at first thought you may think ‘in hot weather, I just can’t be doing with tight fitting clothes’, the silhouette they provide is amazing. A well fitting suit is not uncomfortable and if thin and breathable, can be perfect for the summer days. The top portion is straight and tight, creating a lump and bump-less torso.

A-line skirt – the skirt should cinch in the waist to show that hourglass and also hit your thighs at the most flattering part. As they say: ‘killing 2 birds with 1 stone!’

Cropped jumper – to pair with high rise jeans. It’s even better if it’s slightly oversized to bring in that waist.

Baggy trousers – I prefer to wear these with a tighter top because, something should be tighter to give your figure a smaller part. These are an absolute must if you’re top heavy.

Jumpsuit/playsuit – although getting semi naked in a public bathroom may not be ideal, the aesthetics certainly make up for that compromise. An elasticated waistband really aids the formation of an hourglass figure, especially when paired with a larger top/bottom.

Dress – patterned dress + elasticated waist/belt = dress perfection. Any pattern works for pretty much any shape. For more of a smart look I would try a plain (but structured) dress but any style will show a ‘bothered-not-bothered’ look.

Nude heels – to create that elongated leg look. To boost the comfort, opt for block heels.

Ballet pumps – just slip on. How can you not have a pair of these?

Black wedges – the biggest box is ticked – comfort. I never go too high for two reasons – firstly at 5ft 9″, I am already tall enough , and secondly I don’t find anything more than 2-3 inches comfortable. These shoes are probably my most worn pair.

After showing my must-haves, you could create an even better version of your already shining summer wardrobe. Good luck!