What Would You Do?

After the recent interviews of the authors of ‘The Duchess: The Untold Story’ and ‘Diana: Her True Story’ on Loose Women and the upcoming revenge in Coronation Street following Eva Price’s discovery that her fiancé, Aidan Connor, had an ‘on-off’ relationship with her best friend Maria Connor (no blood relation), I came to realise that everyone would react to a significant other cheating in rather different ways. So what would you do if you unearthed the shocking truth of your spouse’s antics?

Sort It Out:

All you want to do is a have a full-blown argument with your cheating partner, but if this genuinely was a mistake, you believe you can find something in your heart to forgive them. You think you can remain civil, and even when everyone is shouting in one ear to leave, you follow the whisper entering the other. If they are ‘the one’, a single, drunken kiss was the only cause of disagreement and children are depending on you, many would agree that staying courteous would be the best for your young family, even if romance was not reconciled.

Move on
Move on: look to the future, nothing can hold you back, don’t let someone else’s mistakes ruin your life and blow away your plans you worked so hard to collect from the whirlwind of decisions


I’m sure this is what we would want to do – start afresh, find that dream husband/wife who would remain faithful in the most arduous of times. You let them be, get on with their life, thinking they deserve each other, acknowledging the fact that a revenge simply wouldn’t be worth the effort, that finding a new special-someone would be much more beneficial than setting their favourite car on fire, with their most prized possessions trapped inside, melting as the flames engulf every part of your (presumably) ex’s inanimate love-life.

The Softly-Softly Approach:

This would be the more subtle, yet still a revenge, method and would most probably only work if the two-timer was unaware that you knew. Examples include: swapping the numbers of their lover and their boss, maxing out their cards, hinting at the importance of trust (then saying how trustworthy they are, while talking about people that do cheat) or working out when they are most likely to meet, and organise a near miss. This seems to be the favourite with Corrie’s Eva as well as many other heart-broken partners.

The Rampage:

This type of retribution is taken public; the traditional signs on lamp posts, storming into their workplace and making them confess in a police-interview type way or damaging all their possessions and leaving them in your front garden.

Would you ever go as extreme as Shelley’s best friend?

But then we move on to the question, does the regularity of their cheating determine your strategy? Would you still go to such extreme lengths for a drunken peck on the lips as a full blown affair? Would you want to see them getting their full comeuppance after leading a double life? Or would you prefer to sit back and take a small revenge, and get on with your own time?

Cheating with good friend
The time when everyone feels sorry for the woman who lost her ‘best friend’ and her ‘boyfriend’ – makes the scenario even worse

Which one would you do? I know I would strive to move on, however I would certainly make sure he knew it wasn’t just another day in his cheating life. An example that I have read numerous times, that seems plausible, is to key his car – a simple action to show annoyance, yet easily fixed with a trip to the garage. Lots of people have scratches on their car, so that would not be too difficult for him to fix. My conscience would stop me from doing anything too life-changing! Move on and forget about him before revenge takes over every thought!


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