It’s Okay to be Thin

Over recent years, there have been a myriad posts discouraging eating disorders, which of course are beneficial in their prevention and aiding the mind-set of potential suffers, but there are also many who are simply ‘naturally thin’.

I am a firm believer in being happy with your body, in its natural way, whether that be thin, fat or thick (although I do heavily hate that term). If that is the card that nature has dealt you, no matter what, changing your hand will be harder than what you may anticipate. Being despondent with a spade, will only lead to the number changing. A naturally larger individual could lose weight, but will never be as skeletal as a naturally skinny person. That is why we must look for ‘thinspo’ of our body type, not our best friend or fantasy. I am not saying that it is bad to have aspirations and ‘dream figures’ but what I am saying is that these must be achievable, without the unhealthy element of excessive dieting and, of course, relative to your own body.

“The media is contradicting itself; skinny-shaming instead of fat-shaming”

I’m not going to keep my cards too close to my chest, in the way that I am naturally thin, due to my family history. I am also not going to hide the fact that I have a thigh gap, hips, collar bones and the partial rib that sticks out, but I have never starved myself, taken diet pills or purposely made myself sick to achieve this physique. In my case, the media saying that skinny is ghastly or that women shouldn’t have such features, leads to insecurities for those with similar body types to myself. The media is contradicting itself; skinny-shaming, instead of fat-shaming. To clarify, I am not saying that one must have these attributes, but rather if this comes naturally, why should we made to feel bad? The media seems to glorify women who are clearly overweight and who need to lose weight, for health reasons, and yet whenever a thinner individual promotes the same message, they are deemed an inappropriate role model for encouraging eating disorders. Surely the overweight person is doing more harm in this scenario – encouraging obesity, the causer of many long term, serious health issues.

Why the thigh gap is crap
Is your body ‘crap’?: Why should this be allowed when it is frowned upon to reverse it? Saying that it is crap to not have a thigh gap?
That being said, there will always be areas of our bodies we dislike, yet cope with. Just because someone, in your opinion, has a more preferable body than you, that does not take away their ability to criticise it.

I have read many stories saying that men are only attracted to ‘skinny girls’. I ask, if this is the case, why are overweight women getting married – quite simply just like some women like muscular men, whereas others like them with stick figures, males are also attracted to different types of women. What we must also remember is that we live in an age where the personality is more important than the looks – no longer are we looking for mating partners, but rather someone to spend the rest of our lives with; a soulmate. Soulmates connect, their personalities complement each other; looks are not imperative. So surely what you look like has no real benefit in the marriage department.

Not right: We must educate ourselves and purge the media of pro-ana sites. We must learn to accept what we have
I would also like this opportunity to say that skinny women can be curvy, and overweight women can also not be curvy. Curvy means having a defined waist – the typical coke bottle shape, so if someone stick thin has this attribute they are curvy, and if a fat woman doesn’t have these characteristics, she is not curvy. There is no ‘skinny vs curvy’ – you can be both. Yes I am going to say that word again – curvy.

Unlike the naturally skinny, those who struggle to achieve certain characteristics, such as the thigh gap, will find it easier to build muscle. Another couple of features of mine is my rather small chest and less full bum. Even though this is the complete opposite of beauty standards, I have no reason to want to increase my muscle mass to an extent that would not suit my small frame. However, I have never seen on the internet a post saying that it’s good to have a ‘small chest and bum’ in the same ways thigh gaps are criticised.

Define Beauty
Everyone is Beautiful: How can you say that people naturally looking like both of these women are not ‘beautiful’? All body types should be accepted – the media should not show images, publish articles or write quotes saying that one look is better than another. Is this also saying that people who naturally have a thigh gap are unhealthy/freak like?
If you need to lose, or gain weight for health reasons, do it. I promote the confidence for all. Don’t undermine nature, this is not a game of poker, this is your life. We must all promote the fact that it is ok to have any type of body, we must promote positivity in the bone structure, muscle structure and natural (fe)male happenings. But most of all, we must promote the contentment for men and women with their natural bodies. Don’t change what has been given. Determine what you are to do with your hand, to make your life positive – after all, the body is just a house to your soul; does your house determine your worth?

Media's response
Get over it: The media’s response to over-weight and under-weight women; it speaks for itself

7 thoughts on “It’s Okay to be Thin

  1. deprenxiety says:

    You write so well. Hoping to take inspiration.

    Absolutely agree with your thoughts. Body shamers are just judgmental people who are unhappy with their own lives. As long as you are physically and emotionally healthy, being happy with yourself and with what you do in life is more important than how people perceive you.

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