3 Ways to Improve Your Beauty Routine

We are always looking for our best beauty routine yet, to beat those bad skin days, transition those ‘just crawled out of bed’ tired eyes to ‘tranquil 12 hour sleep, woke up 3 hours ago’ glistening eyes and conquer a perfect hair day, every day, so these are my 3 best ways to move you 3 steps in the right direction:

Curl your eyelashes – I cannot emphasise this enough! Personally, my eyelashes are rather pathetic on the curling front; taking them ages to curl, then 3 minutes later having to curl them again, but after about 5 minutes of battling, the curl remains for the rest of the day. Instead of the appearance of the eyelid drooping down, the lashes lift the whole eye to make it seem as though they are open as wide as possible. Simply curling the lashes makes them look much better than just applying mascara. If you skip this step, I urge you to try it once or twice, and you will be surprised at the ‘false lash effect’.

Exfoliate your face – just like before applying fake tan we are told to exfoliate, the same must be done to prevent a patchy base of makeup. Because I have drier than skin, I should carry out this simple task 2-3 times per week; equally if your skin is more oily, it is recommended to remove your excess dead skin just over every other day. If, however your skin is sensitive, it may only be able to cope with once a week. The key is finding the right time frame to leave between each scrub. Methods range from using brushes, to scrub solutions or just a lukewarm face towel. It is imperative that you moisturise afterwards to prevent the skin from becoming dry.

Go to bed with hair up – any hair style will do, as long as the hair is tied using a scrunchie to avoid strands snapping at that length. This is because (especially after washing), hair has a slight tendency to go frizzy as well as break during the night, so these chances are minimised by getting hair off of the face. Especially now in the summer months, in the temperamental nights in Britain, we can be left sweating, and quite frankly our hair is the last thing we want to think about as we’re trying to fall asleep. I prefer to go with a French plait, as the waves usually drop out within a few minutes of brushing, yet the volume is sustained. If you are looking to wake up with day-long wavy locks, French and Dutch plaits are noticeably better than the bog-standard plait. Here’s why: (after images)

A braid starting at the jaw leaves the back pieces of hair wavy from the roots, yet the top layers are straight at the scalp, then suddenly start getting wavy – looking terribly unnatural. However since a French plait is along the scalp, the hair is curled from the roots around all parts of the hair (if done in more than 1). If you do 1 plait, the top portion remains straight but I find the wave gradually begins, making the hairstyle look more natural. The ordinary ponytail usually deflates the hair’s roots, however if you don’t find this a problem, there’s no reason not to continue with this method.

So now you know my top 3 beauty routine tips, I hope you can incorporate them into yours to improve it even further!


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