The Ultimate Pregnancy Guide – Sickness and Stretch Marks

After the announcement of the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy, and with the tips spread all over the internet, I thought I would collate the most useful of them together for anyone carrying a bundle of joy, searching and hoping that what they are doing is right not only for the baby, but also for themselves. I will discuss the diet, exercise, morning sickness, stretch marks, the size of the baby as well as the cutest clothes that come along with the bump.

But first, it must be made clear, that many couples struggle to get pregnant, and even when they do, they experience multiple miscarriages, so for such aspiring young families, the positive sign on the test releases multifarious emotions. Even though there may be troubles along the way, what comes out of such a magical experience for some, is the best gift that the beauty of nature can provide.


Despite the common phrase, a pregnant woman should not ‘eat for two’. This encourages unhealthy weight gain, which can put you a greater risk of morning sickness. A varied diet is much more important than an entirely healthy one, including 1/3 of a plate of carbs in a meal, lean meat, 2 portions of fish per week and low fat diary. It is advised to eat little and often, aiming to consume the required amount of nutrition per week, rather than per day. Foods to avoid include raw or partly cooked eggs, peanuts, liver, sushi and liquorice.

Generic tips don’t mean your musts. Do what your instinct tells you to do


As long as an intense work out is not carried out, with focus on the abs, any light cardio can be used to maintain a healthy weight and preferential fitness; this includes swimming, walking, indoor cycling or yoga.

Some of the simple exercises you can do

Morning Sickness:

These are some simple tips that you can do if you are part of the 50% who experience sickness in the morning, or even throughout the day.

  • Rest
  • Get up slowly
  • Drink plenty of (not too cold) water in little amounts
  • Eat cold food little, but often
  • Distract yourself
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Take ginger supplements
  • Acupressure on the wrist (like that of motion sickness)
  • See your GP if you are worried at all – they may prescribe antiemetics

You are more likely to have such sickness if you have a family history of it, have motion sickness, have nausea when taking contraception containing oestrogen, are pregnant with twins, triplets etc., are stressed, are obese or if you are pregnant for the first time.

Why would we encourage an imperfection? But if they come, don’t be ashamed – you have a baby because of your body

Stretch Marks:

A majority of pregnancies end with the woman having stretch marks of some kind, however these are prevented by maintaining a healthy weight, staying hydrated and having a diet rich in zinc and vitamin C and D. Of course most would want to prevent stretch marks – why would we encourage something deemed an imperfection? But if they do come, why would we be ashamed? – we have a baby because of our bodies.

The Size of the Baby:

Even though most become visibly pregnant between 4 and 5 months, still the foetus is no where near as big as what you think it is…

Size of the foetus

The Cutest Pregnancy Outfits:


To those of you who are expecting, good luck, have fun and more importantly enjoy the time you have now, before your little one arrives!


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