Truly – What is the Point?

A simple question we ask every day, whilst getting up, going to work or school and then coming home to cook dinner. Why do we carry out such tasks? Is there an easier way to achieve happiness?

I wake up at 7am. The morning had arrived once again. That peaceful state of contentment riddled with dreams of beaches, friendships and countless diamonds, mixed with the succour of the lifting, moulded mattress with that homely, fresh scent and positions of pure comfort is abruptly extinguished to the smoky realisation of the day. I had to get up. For many the extra few minutes in the morning is valued just as much as finding and extra few hundred pounds on the road, yet we still question why we should get up – the answer being so we don’t rely on the money found in between the cracks in the pavement, so we make ourselves a life we have always wanted. Getting up is the beginning of what may be the best day of your life (cringy as it sounds); but still we dread it. It is almost like we don’t want to appreciate the moments we have.

Would lying in bed all day, every day truly be your ‘dream’?

We all have days when lying in bed watching a few more episodes of a favourite series on Netflix with ice cream in hand and stroking pets with the other is all we want to do. Many would call that ‘the dream’. Just imagine doing this every day, every year of your life – your dream would transform to going outside, meeting friends, making memories and getting up to go to work or school – we dream about what we don’t have enough of. However ironic it may be, dreaming about sleeping suggests you need more of it. Listen to what your body says by going to sleep earlier to wake up to go to work, engendering ‘that peaceful state of contentment’ where you can do whatever you want, neither craving 40 winks or crying out for work.

The weekend is the time to sleep, to unwind and look back on the week and come to the realisation that that is the point. I had worked hard the entire week to enjoy today, without worries. Today is the day to sleep in until 11 and eat that mint and chocolate chip flavoured tub of ice cream and appreciate the beauty of relaxation. I worked for today. I live for today. Today is the point.



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