Autumn/Winter Fashion 2018

I’m just going to say it… it’s almost autumn because summer’s almost over and since we’re well into August we may be beginning to think about a wardrobe for the cooer months. These are the predicted fashions of AW 2018…

Animal Print – Even now we are seeing the rise of this pattern on the more summery clothes, however it is predicted that such designs will continue to dominate the stores throughout the autumn. Leopard print seems to be the standard when it comes to this category but snake also appears to be popular on many online stores.

Tartan (or ‘plaid’) – A pretty standard pattern when it comes to winter yet it appears that this year it will be up there with some of the most sought after designs. This could come from the more ‘preppy’ part of the 70s, a decade which is making a massive comeback.

Tartan, tweed, animal print, shiny fabric and blue

Dark Florals – Often we see fashion from the previous season live on into the next but adapted slightly to suit the mood or the type of clothes on which the pattern, in this case, is used and since florals were somewhat popular in the summer, it is believed they will also occur in our winter wardrobes. The change here though, will most likely be with a darker background colour and clumps of flowers, so the overall colour is more prominent than the actual pattern itself.

Brown/Yellow – Once again coming from the 70s fashion and colours, a darker mustard yellow is set to be a statement colour of AW18 which follows from the hugely popular yellows from even before the summer of this year. If you ask me, I find yellow as a colour for clothes quite overrated however I find it more appealing when used more subtly.

Blues – I don’t know where this is coming from, but apparently it’s in fashion.

Shiny – Another follow on from a relatively popular part of the summer fashion trends, shiny (e.g. leather) or partially reflective materials may continue on their journey into stores throughout this autumn/winter.

Tweed – Of course tweed is always a popular material at around this time but because of it’s occurrence on runways across the world, it is believed that it will be more favoured than previous years. This is also coming from the increased desirability of tartan which is often paired with tweed.

Clothing with a Stripe on the Side – We have seen this throughout the summer particularly on jeans, inspired from the more sporty part of the 70s, however this trend is set to take off further, influencing the designs of dresses and tops alike. This is certainly not one for me, since anything in fashion which resembles exercise does not interest me.

Bold Jumpers – The ‘logo’ could be a phrase or image but the general message remains the same – bolder jumpers and their designs may well be in fashion this year.

Capes – If you have read my beauty and fashion pet peeves, then you may be aware that I don’t like things hanging from the arms, although capes can be rather cosy for the colder weather. They have been seen on runways such as in NYC and Milan, which is usually an indication that they may soon also hit our stores.

Slouchy Boots – Another resurrection from the 70s which have also been seen on runways across the world.

These were the most commonly recognised fashion statements of autumn winter 2018 and we can certainly see the reoccurrence of pieces from the 70s shaping our current sought after designs. I think it’s time for some shopping!

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