There Are Two Sides of Me – Poem

My tears are so disruptive.

Only they



They’re locked behind that hard concrete wall,

averting their release.

Each one hides unspoken words.

Each one conceals my secret.

But it’s the smile in my laugh

which is the greatest newfound fraudster.


You’ll always see the happy side,

like 1989.

You think I shine from within

when it’s just bright light on



which blocks the view to me.

I’ll cry over those who don’t care,

longing to be remembered,

while worthlessness laughs in my ear

and mocks those 3.6 metres.


But when the sky contains no light,

that barrier breaks,

crumples and


My nose gets sore from holding so tightly

to make sure no one hears the fall.


I’m creating this façade of perfection

when I’m really anything but

and that’s what’s killing me.

It’s like holding up the

Wall of Shame

with a twig when it needs the whole damn tree.


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