11 Heatless Everyday Hairstyles

On an everyday basis, I’m pretty sure we all stick to what we know, are comfortable with and what we are certain will give us the look we want in about 5 minutes flat, however this can get a little monotonous and definitely too repetitive. I love playing around with hair and trying out new updos and styles but in the morning I just don’t have time, and quite frankly I can’t be bothered when I’m lacking the vital energy and patience. In no way am I a hairstylist, but these are some of my personal favourite ‘dos for when I’m not being completely boring, yet still want something quick and easy…

Just in case you were wondering what my hair is like for reference if you want to try these yourself and you haven’t before, it’s pretty long and thick with a slight wave. I also have layers, so some pieces of hair fall out of the style sooner. For these styles I have straightened it to make it more tame and because that’s my style of preference, however there is no obligation to use any form of heat to create the looks.

A French Plait – I won’t attempt to explain how to do this, since there are many tutorials out there but what I will say is that it’s pretty quick, easy and long lasting. To frame the face, I loosen the front parts to give a softer and less harsh look.


A Side Plait – even though this isn’t as long lasting as the French Plait, I think it gives a little more feminine look, which is always appreciated. I slightly tug on the braid itself to add a little volume and then clip the back of my hair (near the nape of my neck) to prevent the shorter layers from falling out.

Headband – in the photos, I have used my glasses simply because I couldn’t find a black headband, however in reality this of course wouldn’t be practical since I obviously need them to see properly. It keeps the hair out of the face, while still softening it.


Messy Bun 1 – this is a more put together bun, think slightly tired ballerina… all you need to do is twist the hair around itself and tie it with a hair band. Since my hair is long and so rather heavy, I tied it in a ponytail before that.

Messy Bun 2 – this one certainly fulfils the ‘messy’ category and gets messier with the more hair you have. I simply pulled the hair halfway through the bobble a couple of times and adjusted it after that. I think this is a particularly appreciated hairstyle on days when it’s not cooperating and hasn’t been washed for a couple of days.

Ponytail – I don’t think this one needs an explanation really… It’s just not advisable to wear this all the time since it can cause hair breakages and the very annoying ‘ponytail headache’.

Half-up, Half-down – this for me is a massive go to because I can play with my hair with it still not falling on to the paper on my desk. I wrapped a part of it around the bobble to make it look a little more seamless.

Half-up Bun – just like the ‘tired ballerina’ bun from previously, this type is also great for an everyday hairstyle. I think it works better on longer hair than the previous one however since there’s less weight to hold up.

Half-up, Half-down x2 – once again this is a slight adaptation of the previous hairstyle so I won’t bore you with the details.

Space Buns – I’m not quite sure I can quite pull this off, but it can look cute so I thought I’d throw it in there too.

Side French Plait – this one looks a little more fancy than the previous styles, but with that comes a little more effort. I just braided one side and clipped the other part however that of course is up to your personal preference. Once again I removed the front pieces to frame my face.

So those were my go to every day hairstyles which can be adapted for every length, texture and thickness. I’m aware they’re not the most adventurous, but I’m hoping they are the most realistic.

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